Rugby. Volunteer Fire Brigade

Rugby Volunteer Fire Brigade taken at the Jubilee celebrations in 1925.
Rugby Volunteer Fire Brigade taken at the Jubilee celebrations in 1925. "Janet" was the first motor pump and escape used by the Fire Force and had been christened "Janet" by Mrs Claude Seabroke, wife of the Chief Officer on May 2nd 1921. Pictured are - to left of horses - R. Whales and Percy Clay, above horses - W.F. Wood, J. Smith, H. Morgan, horse driver, Stanley Kay, Jim Darby, Arthur Slack, W. Durham, to right of horses - Arthur James Jnr., H. Miller, W. Labraham, Ernest Parriss, Dr. Roche, clockwise round fire engine from bottom left - A. James, H. Hefford, J.H. Sharp, Alec Carter, S.G. Gibson, E. Labraham, Fred Hogg, Chief Officer Sebroke, J.W. Darby, F.Staines, W. Talmadge. Standing to right of fire engine - Fred Wood Jnr., Alfred Tomlinson, G.H.Cleaver. See Rugby Advertisers - March 11th 1921, May 6th 1921 and November 27th 1925.
IMAGE LOCATION: (Rugby Library) PEOPLE IN PHOTO: Wood, W F, Wood, Fred Jnr, Wood as a surname, Whales, R, Whales as a surname, Tomlinson, Alfred, Tomlinson as a surname, Talmadge, W, Talmadge as a surname, Staines, F, Staines as a surname, Slack, Arthur, Slack as a surname, Sharp, J H, Sharp as a surname, Seabroke, Chief Officer, Seabroke as a surname, Roche, Dr, Roche as a surname, Parriss, Ernest, Parriss as a surname, Morgan, H, Morgan as a surname, Miller, H, Miller as a surname, Labraham, W, Labraham, E, Labraham as a surname, Kay, Stanley, Kay as a surname, James, Arthur Junior, James, A, James as a surname, Hogg, Fred, Hogg as a surname, Hefford, H, Hefford as a surname, Gibson, S G, Gibson as a surname, Durham, W, Durham as a surname, Darby, Jim, Darby as a surname, Cleaver, G H, Cleaver as a surname, Clay, Percy, Clay as a surname, Carter, Alec, Carter as a surname
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