Various Medieval metal items were found at Lower Brailes.

Description of this historic site

Findspot - various Medieval items were found at Lower Brailes.

Notes about this historic site

1 Weight – 1/4 oz – Jurassic limestone, late Medieval.
2 Stud, bronze, late Medieval
3 Two late Medieval mounts, one with a knobbled edge and of uncertain function, one which is circular.
4 Mount, small square head, two prongs, copper alloy, late Medieval/ early Post – Medieval.
5 Charles VI/VII of France (1380 – 1460), blanc”, obv. KAR[OLVS], shield with three fleur de lys, rev. [SIT.NOM.DOM]BE[, cross potent, crown and fleur de lys in angles.
6 Lead ampula and a buckle found in, or before 1994. No specific grid reference given. Method of recovery unrecorded.
7 Rim fragment found in 1994. No grid reference given in Lower Brailes. Method of recovery unrecorded.
8 Medieval French jetton found in 1996 at SP318388. Method of recovery unrecorded.

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