Undated paving stones

Description of this historic site

An area of paving stones which were discovered during an excavation. The date of the paved area is unknown and it might be the foundations of a building, a building rubble or a road surface. The paving stones were found 100m to the north of Round Hill, Butlers Marston.

Notes about this historic site

1 An area of stone paving extending roughly ESE to WNW was located by dowsing to the S of Butlers Marston. A small excavation in the garden to the S of the church produced evidence for a layer of rough stone cobbling perhaps 0.5m below the ground level. On top of the stones were the disarticulated bones of a (?) horse. The dowsers believed that the stone paving represented a Roman road.
2 It looks rather irregular and uneven and may be foundations, building rubble, or even natural.
3 Correspondence.

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