Three small enclosures show on air photographs

Description of this historic site

The site of three small enclosures that are visible as earthworks on aerial photographs. They are undated and are located 700m south east of Little Wolford.

Notes about this historic site

Three small enclosures show on air photographs.

2 Three small enclosures show on air photographs. Two are circular and one is elongated. The enclosures appear to overlie ridge and furrow and are probably the remains of small earthworks which once defined copses on the edge of West Park.

3 4 The enclosures, which can be seen as banks and ditches on aerial photographs taken in the 1947 were mapped as part of the English Heritage National Mapping Project.

The northern most pair of circular banks are partially enclosed on three sides by further narrow banks with curving ends and may be standing on a raised platform. There is a further banked enclosure that extends from this enclosure to the south east. The two circular banks to the south east are not enclosed. The northern most of this pair has a break in the bank facing south west. Both of these structures have been built on top of the the medieval ridge and furrow which can be seen inside the enclosures. The group of features is aligned with a field boundary that may mark the extent of the formal park. Access to the site appears to be by a ride extending from the nearby wooded Little Wolford Heath. Given its presence in the park, its apparent visibility from the Weston House and its general form it would appear to be a ornamental park land feature. Later aerial photographs (AFQ 79) of the same site show that the southern pair of rings has been ploughed level and the northern pair are now in woodland.

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