Site of Mound, Berkeley Road, Kenilworth

Description of this historic site

The site of a mound, possibly of Prehistoric date, which was described in the 1800s. The mound is no longer visible and it is not possible to say exactly what it may have been. A modern housing estate now occupies the site in Berkeley Road, Kenilworth.

Notes about this historic site

1 This site (like WA3290), is recorded only by a local antiquarian in the last century: after a lengthy and rather vague description of the actual spot where the earthwork was located it is described: “on approaching the spot from the N-E, it appears nothing but a mis-shapen mass of earth with a projecting bank on the N-W; but when approached from the westward, lines of circumvallation appear, though much cut up by the roads to some farm buildings which now nestle comfortably on the S side of the mound….when the sun is high, the plan becomes distinctly visible, and shows it to have been originally a high mound or burgh situated on the NE side of a circular entrenchment formed of two half-mooned shaped lines of embankments.” He thinks it was “the ‘ham’ or ‘worth’ of Albert the clerk, if not one of the previous owners of the lordships of Upton or Optone.”
2 This site is somewhat dubious (especially its interpretation) as nothing remains of it today (the area being under a modern housing estate) and like WA3290 must be treated with wary caution.
3 Whilst considerable caution is required it appears clear that if genuine then this ‘mound’ is far more likely to have been some form of linear earthwork or enclosure than a mound and as such is highly unlikely to have been earlier than BA (could just be NL). Out of use by the Imperial period.

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