Site of Milepost 100m SE of Bedlam Lodge

Description of this historic site

Site of milepost dating from the Imperial period. It is marked on the Ordnance Survey map of 1923 and is located 400m west of Little Wolford Heath.

Notes about this historic site

1 Mile Post marked.
2 One of a series of cast iron mile markers placed exactly one mile apart on the Stratford on Avon to Oxford turnpike road, the first being one mile from the last milestone on the Oxfordshire side of the county boundary.
3 Not to be seen on site visit.
4 On enclosure in 1845 in Little Wolford, the trunk road from Mitford Bridge to Long Compton was modified in two projects viz from “Long Compton to Milestone Hill and from Mitford Bridge to Milestone Hill. The former at the expense of Sir George Philips and the latter, indirectly at the expense of the Turnpike Trust (see correspondence on CR456 Box 22/52) at Warwick Record Office. I think that Record Number 1853, SP 26 36 was the Milestone Hill point and Record Number 4730, SP 27 34 the Long Compton. Both were points on both the original trunk road and retained when modified.

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