Site of Hill Figure at Sun Rising Covert

Site of Hill Figure at Sun Rising Covert | Image courtesy of Gary Stocker
Site of Hill Figure at Sun Rising Covert
Image courtesy of Gary Stocker
Description of this historic site

The site of a hill figure which was created during the Imperial period. The figure was a horse. It replaced an earlier hill figure known as The Red Horse which was situated near Tysoe. This hill figure was located at Sun Rising Covert.

Notes about this historic site

1 Red Horse marked.
2 The figure of the horse was cut, shortly after 1798, on the flat top of Edge Hill, near the Sunrising Inn, Tysoe, by the innkeeper, when the original Red Horse (PRN 2066) was destroyed. Some attempt was made to maintain the annual scouring festivities at the new site until c1907 but a few years later it was obliterated by the landowner after the closing of an inn. It was still visible until c1920 but is now overgrown by trees.
3 The site is now covered by trees and dense undergrowth; no visual remains were seen.
4 Report of resistivity survey from 1980.
5 Booklet from 1965.
6 Press cutting from 1964.
7 A letter from 1887.
8 Further information from 1887.
9 Letter from 1964.
10 Letter from 1966.
11 Report of resistivity survey done in 1967 based on SP354448.
12 Excavation report.
13 Transparencies.
14 Photographs.
15 Note of documentary evidence.
16 Correspondence from 1978 about photographs.
17 Brief entry about the site.
18 Reference in Geological Survey.
19 Reference in Geological Survey.
20 Correspondence from 1990 from Swindon.
21 Address details of people envolved in researching the site.
22 Internal memo.
23 Correspondence (by e-mail) about the site.
24 Internet material.
25 Documentary evidence from 1750.
26 Further booklet, published later than 5, but no date given. Author assumed to be Miller, W.G. as his are the only contact details given.
27 Correspondance from W.G.Miller to Emma Jones containing further information on the Red Horse.

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