Roman timber building excavated in Mancetter

Description of this historic site

The site of several buildings dating to the Roman period which were constructed from timber. The site is situated north of Ramsden Road, Mancetter.

Notes about this historic site

1 1977: Two trial trenches excavated. Trench 1 proved that fairly modern disturbance had removed all earlier occupation. Trench 2 produced Roman buildings, and an area of 150 sq m was stripped. The excavation was on the edge of a Roman timber structure attested by two lines of post holes at right angles. Those of the E-W line were the more substantial. A hollow alongside the N-S alignment contained potsherds, broken tegulae and imbrex and a few large stones. A second feature was a rectangular tank which disappeared under the baulk. Pottery from the excavation dates to the 4th century.
2 Plan from 1977.
3 Plan showing area of excavation.
4 The plan, ref 4, shows the trenches but does not give any clues as to the exact location of the site.
5 Correspondence.
6 Trial excavations report from 1977.
7 Archival correspondence.
8 Plan from 1997 relating to planning permission.
9 Noted. Partial section of Watling Street ribbon development.

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