Roman Pottery and Brooches, Sun Rising Hill, Tysoe

Description of this historic site

A cluster of Roman objects, three brooches, potsherds and a fragment of silver plate, were found 400m north west of Sun Rising Hill, Tysoe.

Notes about this historic site

1 Objects brought to the Museum for identification: 8 pieces of Romano British pottery and metal items. The metalwork included several brooches of Polden Hill type, AD50-70.
2 An oval disc brooch, glass centre-boss type, 3rd/4th cent. AD. The central “jewel” is missing, traces of gilding remain but the find is in poor condition.
3 Further work on this site gives a more accurate grid reference of SP3546.
4 Additional find at SP357461 of a fragment of Roman lead-tin alloy plate.
5 Illustration of 4
6 Find of Roman items in 1995, including a finger ring, a steelyard weight, a bracelet fragment, fragments of rotary querns, and potsherds. The grid reference given was SP357461. The method of recovery was not recorded.

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