Findspot - Neolithic to Bronze Age flint

Description of this historic site

Findspot - various flint artefacts of Neolithic or Bronze Age date, including an arrowhead, were found on Windmill Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 Site visit following a report that the field at the top of Windmill Hill had been ploughed confirmed the existence of a flint scatter on the surface of the ground over which the footpath had formerly run. An arrowhead and several worked flakes of flint were found. These were donated to the Museum.
2 Further flints, including a barbed and tanged arrowhead, were found in the same location. The other flints included two with natural breaks and one waste flake.
3 Photograph of the arrowhead.
4 Letter and map from the finder.
5 Letter permitting WM to hold flint found at Compton Wynyates.

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