Roman Finds, Downs Farm, Tysoe

Description of this historic site

Findspot - Roman coins, pottery and a lead weight were found 1km south east of Windmill Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 Four coins; an AE3/4 of Roma (AD 330 – 346), an AE3/4 of Constantinopolis (AD 330 – 346), an Antoninianus possibly of Tetricus I (AD 270 – 273) and an AE4 of the house of Constantine (illegible legend).
Pottery consisting of; 10 Samian ware sherds, 23 coarse greyware sherds, 3 sherds of colour-coated pottery from the Nene Valley or New Forest, 5 mortaria sherds, 2 sherds of possible Rhenish ware, 8 sherds of oxidised types and 8 sherds of shell-gritted pottery.
A lead steelyard weight.
(2) The quantity of material suggests that this could have been an occupation site.

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