Roman buildings, Alcester.

Description of this historic site

The remains of at least two Roman buildings were found during an excavation. Roman pottery, coins and a brooch were also found. The site was located to the east of Bleachfield Street, Alcester.

Notes about this historic site

1 Three small excavations were made by Davis in the ‘Blacklands’. A trench 9.7m long was dug in a N to S direction in the allotment field to the E of Bleachfield Street. In this short trench, the greatest depth of which was 2m, three ‘concrete’ floors were found – one at 1.5m, one at 1.8m and one at 2.0m. Very little was found until a depth of 0.9 M had been reached. At this level a lot of rubble, consisting of broken stones, mortar pipes, etc, was turned up. The middle floor had a stone flue about 0.2m square, in which was burnt material. Associated with the top floor two round and one square brick
‘pillars’ were found. In addition many pieces of painted plaster, broken flue pipes etc were found. A little pottery, iron and one coin of Carausius were found.
2 Davis’ diary records much additional detail. General inference and two ‘very inadequate’ sketch plans show the location of his digging. At least two buildings, possibly more, are indicated. Finds include a brooch of probable mid C2 date and some Samian fragments. Coloured tile, hypocaust and part of a column are recorded. Also four coins and various types of pottery.
4 Salvage recording.

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