Ridge and Furrow adjacent to Court Farm Moated Site

Description of this historic site

Ridge and furrow earthworks, which indicate land used for cultivation in the Medieval period, are present adjacent to the moated site on Fulbrooke Lane.

Notes about this historic site

1 An area of ridge and furrow to the north, west and south of the two moats has been included in the schedule. The ridge and furrow to the north is aligned north-south and the external bank of the northern moated site defines the southern limit of this area of cultivation, whilst the drainage ditch, originally to the west of of both moated sites, defines the western boundary of the ridge and furrow in the southern part of the site. The drainage channel forms the boundary between two blocks of ridge and furrow. The ridge and furrow respects the features of both moated sites and preserves a direct stratigraphic relationship, both between the two moated sites and between them and the surrounding land-use.