Palaeolithic axes found near Little Alne

Description of this historic site

Findspot - stone and flint axes, dating to the Palaeolithic period, were found near Little Alne.

Notes about this historic site

1 A number of Palaeolithic implements found during ploughing at Little Alne Farm. Those implements chosen for publication consist of 2 sub-triangular handaxes and 2 pointed handaxes, all made from quartzite pebbles: also 1 ovate handaxe and a pointed ovate, these also of quartzite. Also a flint handaxe and a point of lustrous black flint, the latter showing some working suggestive of Le Moustier technique. All the implements have been presented to the British Museum. The source of the pebbles from which the implements are made is not known, but they were probably glacially derived.
2 The farm is centred on the above grid reference.
3 Reference to 10 handaxes and 1 retouched and flaked implement.
4 Dating revised to Middle Palaeolithic.

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