Honiley Hall garden, Honiley, Warwick

Description of this historic site

Formal gardens contemporary with Arts and Crafts house. Recommended for inclusion on Local List by Lovie.

Notes about this historic site

1 2 Honiley Hall garden, Honiley Hall, Honiley, Warwick.
Lovie reports that the original house was demoished in c. 1820. There is some evidence for the existence of 17th or 18th century gardens as shown by earthworks in fields adjoining the church.
A new Arts and Crafts house was built to the south east in 1914 to the deigns of C. E. Bateman with contemporary formal gardens.
Lovie adds that after being owned by Warwickshire County Council (c. 1960 – 1990) it is, at the time of Lovie’s report (1996/7) a private house and appears well maintained.

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