Findspot - Roman pottery, Tysoe.

Description of this historic site

Findspot - varions finds, including fragments of Roman pottery, were found 500m east of Upper Tysoe.

Notes about this historic site

1 Discovered Spring 1970 during field drainage work – pottery identified as belonging to the period Flavian-Antonine. Fragments of fifteen coarse ware vessels were found in an area of 2 sq metres at a depth of 0.9m – 1.2m. Three vessels were half complete, viz a decorated Samian Form 37, a grey poppyhead vessel with barbotine decoration, and a tankard in red-brown ware. A second tankard was also found. Associated finds included sharpened animal bone, flint, iron clinker and pebbles of which some appear to have been heated.
2 Detailed list.
3 Details of site visit from Emma Jones. Various sherds of Roman and Medieval pottery was recorded. Records that the Samian ware bowl referred to in 1 came from drainage channel on the NE boundary of the field.

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