Findspot - Roman finds

Description of this historic site

Findspot - various Roman finds, including coins, a brooch, a bronze pin and fragments of pottery, were found in King's Newnham. The finds suggest that this might be the site of a Roman settlement.

Notes about this historic site

1 “The few relics which have been found at this place are articles of a description usually met with in the vicinity of British settlements, and consist of a brass pin, apparently the acus or pin of a fibula or brooch, a fragment of red pottery of the Roman era, a deer’s horn, and a boar’s tusk.”
2 Site of a possible prehistoric, or Roman settlement. Finds include a brass pin, probably from a brooch, a fragment of red pottery, a deer’s horn and a boar’s tusk.
3 Map.
4 Further finds in 1993, of two 4th century coins, a brooch and a potsherd, although it is not clear from the enquiry form whether this was the exact location.

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