Findspot - Roman finds

Description of this historic site

Findspot - Roman finds, including pottery, a bronze brooch, coins and bone pins, were found 1km west of Brookhampton.

Notes about this historic site

1 At Brookhampton, in the parish of Combrook, 10 to 20m S of the railway line, many fragments of Roman pottery and other objects have been found. The site is an estate gravel pit and the owner has been watching it for some time. The finds occur about 20-25cm below the surface in a fairly even layer 10-12cm thick, mixed with stones in the gravel, and a few isolated specimens are found 35cm lower. The full extent of the area they cover is not known, but that they extend many metres either way is evident. The finds consist of fragments of coarse pottery, some Samian, a small circular bronze ring brooch, bone pins and a few late 3rd-4th century coins. That there was a building in the area is evident, but no foundations have yet been met with.
2 Under Combrook, VCH lists coins which may come from this site (PRN 1255).
3 The gravel pit is at SP3150 and is long disused. The present location of the finds was not determined.
4 Finds are in Warwick Museum: Catalogue numbers: 39-42, 55, 304-313, 1918, 1922-1923, 1981-1982.

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