Findspot - Neolithic stone axe

Description of this historic site

Findspot - a stone axe dating to the Neolithic period. It was found 500m north east of Lapworth railway station.

Notes about this historic site

1 A rather small, well-shaped axe picked up at Kingswood Farm. The axe is made of uralitised gabbro, rock-group 1, and is believed to have a Cornish origin.
4 A complete polished flint axe, trapezoidal in shape with strongly bevelled sides and a semi-circular blade, found just outside Chadwick End (SP 20 72). The axe was found during the war during agricultural drainage works by German POWs. Said to have been found inside a “Roman” wooden water pipe. Line drawing attached to the enquiry form.
5 Correspondance with photograph and information relating to axe mentioned in 1, also mentions that the stone seems to be Uralitized Gabbro of Cornish origin, the fifth example of this type to have been found in the West Midlands.

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