Findspot - Migration period finds

Description of this historic site

Findspot - various finds, including a buckle and a sceatta, all dating to the Migration period, were found 100m north west of The Cherrytrees Public House.

Notes about this historic site

1 Find made with a metal detector in 1984: Decorative belt or buckle plate with inlaid red glass lozenges. The decoration (schematic animal design) dates this to the early 6th century. This type is common in Kent but rare in the West Midlands; probably a local copy of a Kentish pattern.
2 Find made with a metal detector in 1984: An Anglo Saxon sceat of porcupine type 8th century.
3 The ‘porcupine’ sceatta is of the VICO or VOIC type.
4 The brooch has been donated to Warwick Museum.
5 Noted.

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