Findspot - Bronze Age axehead near Marston Jabbett

Description of this historic site

Findspot - a Bronze Age palstave-adze, a type of axehead, was found 500m north east of Marston Jabbett.

Notes about this historic site

1 A palstave-adze found during September 1966 between Coventry and Nuneaton. It lay just under the ground surface in a thin layer of apparently old canal dredging sludge at the above grid reference. An intensive search was made for other artefacts but none were found.
2 The Warwick Museum Record Card records that the adze was found in March 1963 during foundation laying for house building. The adze is 14.25 cm, long 24 cm across the stopridge, 2.2 cm wide across the cutting edge.
3 The two references contradict each other and it is uncertain which is correct.
5 Correspondence.
6 Drawing.
7 Notes about the record from the 1960s.

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