Evidence of Mesolithic and Neolithic Flint industry in Hillmorton

Description of this historic site

Evidence of tool making industry from the Mesolithic and Neolithic periods in Hillmorton.

Notes about this historic site

1 About 37 worked flints found in the Hillmorton area in 1988. The grid references given were : SP517730, SP51757308, SP517730 – 51657270, SP519732, SP52157314 and west, and SP 519731. The assemblage suggests a poor industry making use of the local river and glacial pebble flint. These finds are described as about 50% of the total found, and were selected as a general sample, and also as being most definite in their function. They were collected along field boundaries and a few metres into fields where growth was sparse; the fields were sown with cereals.
2 Drawings of 1.
3 Dating given as Mesolithic.

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