Dam 200m S of Dingle House Farm

Description of this historic site

The site of an undated dam which forms a possible millpond. It is visible as an earthwork and is situated 600m west of Mows Hill Road.

Notes about this historic site

1 A dam standing in a more or less complete state and the water now flows through what might once have been a sluice gate. The pool created by this dam was quite extensive and would have been about 3m deep at its deepest. There is nothing to indicate its period or purpose. However, it does not appear to be for use as a fishpond and may have been used to provide a source of power.
2 The dam is 25m long and 2-3m high and held back a small stream that flowed down this valley and would have provided a sizeable head of water, falling some 15-20m over a length of 700m. The stream today flows through a gap in the E part of the dam. The use to which this water power could have been put is uncertain, but there are several documentary references to mills on the Alne (see PRN 1203, PRN 1212).

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