My Relatives Seen in Combrook, an Exciting Discovery!

A group of women and children, standing in front of cottages in Combrook. 1910s
IMAGE LOCATION: (Warwickshire County Record Office)
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Imagine my excitement! I have just seen a photograph of my ancestors on your website!

It features ‘Women in Front of Cottages’, in the village of Combrook. I have this photograph somewhere which came from my grandmother, whose own mother lived in one of the cottages until she moved to Newport Pagnell. I cannot recall which of the women are my Great, Great Aunts! I would love to have a copy because it is so much clearer than my own.

Family Name of Tarver

The family name was Tarver and several relatives are buried in the churchyard. It is my understanding that Richard and Hannah Tarver died within ten days of each other after contracting typhoid along with two sons which we did not know about at the time (no Ancestry websites) until we saw their headstones in the churchyard. That was a revelation when I visited, albeit a long time ago, and I need to go back to Combrook.

From what the family understands, is that one of the sisters brought the typhoid fever back to the village as she had been away working somewhere, could have been London, although I am not sure. Oh dear! My great, great grandmother was only about nine years old when they died; she subsequently lived with her sister, Harriet, in one of those cottages.

Working as a cook

I think one of those ladies is Harriet Tarver or her married name would be Tandy. I think Harriet worked as a cook at Compton Wynyates but I cannot verify this. I would love to know if Compton Wynyates has any records regarding their servants.

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