The Eclipse in Warwickshire

How not to photograph it!

Just before the eclipse started (Friday 20th March 2015)
Anne Langley

Your intrepid reporter ventured out into her back garden, the forecast was good, the sky proved clear, and she was all prepared with eclipse glasses, a colander and a clock. Yes a colander! This is supposed to produce images of the sun that show the eclipse. My plan was to take a series of pictures to show the progress of the eclipse for ‘Our Warwickshire’. (You can see the ‘before’ test picture above.) However the holes in the colander were clearly too big because the images stayed obstinately round. A pin hole hastily punched in a piece of card did produce an image, but too small for my camera to make anything of. At which point I gave up and spent most of the next hour watching the eclipse programme on TV. With a few expeditions outside to witness it live: it didn’t go dark, but the view through the eclipse glasses was spectacular as the sun narrowed to a bright crescent smile. (By 2026 I’ll have bought a colander with smaller holes!)