The Atherstone House History Project: Abbreviations Used in the Files

The Atherstone House History Plan, 1786.
Warwickshire County Record Office reference CR2511/21
  • Agric agricultural
  • B in a sequence signifies a house in the yard behind a front house on Long Street (F).
  • Bldg Building
  • Dcsd Deceased
  • Dwlg Dwelling
  • Et al And others
  • Ex or frmly Formerly
  • F in a sequence signifies a front house on Long Street. ‘B’ a house in the yard behind.
  • Frmly Formerly
  • Ho House
  • HT Hearth Tax
  • Jrnymn Journeyman
  • Occ Occupation
  • Rts Common rights1
  • Surr Surrender
  • Tens tenants
  • Yd Yard
  • Yngr Younger

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Editor’s notes:

Notes are shown in italics.

Some names have been left in Latin form.1 Attached to each property was the right to graze animals on the common land (Outwoods, Cow Pasture, Cottager’s Piece, Clay Pits). As time progressed these rights became separated from the properties and are now owned mostly by people who do not live in Atherstone. Only the Outwoods remains as common land though rights of the public to use it are restricted and most of the land is leased to Atherstone Golf Club. The Cow Pasture is a public playing field, owned by Atherstone Town Council.