Europe After Word War One

at Warwickshire County Record Office

There are many connections between our world and the one of 1919.  Join us for a fascinating talk by historian Simon Jarman MBE exploring the continuing conflict in Europe and other parts of the world after the end of hostilities of World War One in 1918, and the impact today.

Take two very different episodes in the summer of 1993. In the Balkans, Serbs and Croats tore apart the state of Yugoslavia. In London the immensely rich inhabitants of the island of Nauru in the Pacific backed an unsuccessful musical based on the life of Leonardo da Vinci. Yugoslavia and Nauru both owed their existence as independent states to the Paris Peace Conference. The arrangements made then have been coming apart ever since. And so many of the dilemmas then are still with us today!

Costs £7.50. Please book your tickets here.

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