A Studio Photograph of a Lady

Whilst searching through a box of family photographs I found a sepia coloured photograph set on board, of a lady in a long black full skirted dress. It has long sleeves and buttoned down the front to the waist. The lady looks to be about 20 years old and has her hair parted down the centre and plaited at the back. It is obviously taken in a studio with a chair to her left and she is resting her right arm on what looks like a desk which has a carved panel at the top and a sloping front. The back of the photo has a red lion with the inscription Photographic Studio/ W. Daynes, 1 Warwick Street, Rugby.

Having seen your photograph with the dates , please can you tell me if I’m correct to think that my photograph would have been taken between1879 and 1884( a 5 year period) and is there any way of finding out who the lady might be please?