Is This the Sacred Heart, Leamington?

Is this the Sacred Heart Convent, Leamington? [has been confirmed as Convent of the Sacred Heart at East Dean, Bonchurch on the Isle of Wight]
Image courtesy of Patrick T del C. Nisbett

Dear Sirs,

I came across your website and wondered if you could confirm or otherwise, that the attached postcard is of the Sacred Heart Convent?

Following my mother’s death last year, I have been sorting out her papers etc. and came across the attached in a pile of papers of her mother.

My Italian grandmother was in fact brought up in Paris and in 1905 was taken to the Sacred Heart sisters, where she spent a year learning and perfecting her English.  She loved it and must have had a pretty modern father.

I do not know if the two identical postcards I have are of the 1905 vintage or possibly later.