Meet the Artist

Lady Kitt

Lady Kitt
Image courtesy of Lady Kitt

Lady Kitt is a paper sculptor, researcher and drag king, based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Kitt describes their work as “Mess Making as Social Glue, driven by insatiable curiosity to explore, share and (gently) incite the social functions of stuff that gets called art.” Kitt is a trustee of Crafts Council, founding member of disabled artist-led consortium Disconsortia and North East co-lead of Social Art Network UK.

Kitt has recently shown work at Atlanta Contemporary (USA), Saatchi Gallery London (UK) and is currently Maker in Residence at Durham University. In 2020-21 Kitt is one of nine “Constellations” artists with UP Projects and Flat Time House.

And on the project, Lady Kitt has this to say!

I’ve been absolutely blown away by the thoughtfulness and generosity with which Warwickshire County Record Office staff approach the stories in their care. I’m dead excited to spend the next year learning more about their approaches and working alongside communities of local people to explore and celebrate the rich, fascinating, and unusual stuff we find in the archive.

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