Leamington Spa. Hoggy Malin and his Court

"Hoggy Malin", Mayor of Bumbelow, with his court outside the Black Horse, Princes Street, Leamington Spa. Circa 1900. Included in the picture are - Mr. "Funny" Dalton (with triangle), Mr. "Spit" Holloway (with sword), Mr. "Clink" Woodward, Mr. "Pimp" Atkins, Mr Ham (bacon), Mr C. Trueman, Mr G. Ellard, Mr N. Riman, Mr F.. Springthorpe, Mr. Clarkson, Mr. Pittaway and Mr E. Springthorpe.
IMAGE LOCATION: (Leamington Library) PEOPLE IN PHOTO: Woodward, Mr Clink, Springthorpe, Mr F, Springthorpe, Mr E, Riman, Mr N, Pittaway, Mr, Malin, Mr Hoggy, Holloway, Mr Spit, Ham, Mr, Ellard, Mr G, Dalton, Mr Funny, Clarkson, Mr, Atkins, Mr Pimp
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