Windmill Mound on Lammas Hill

Description of this historic site

A windmill mound, a earthen mound on which a windmill once stood. It dates back to the Post Medieval period and is visible as an earthwork. The windmill mound is situated on Lammas Hill.

Notes about this historic site

1 Tumulus marked.
2 ?Barrow, now destroyed. On Lammas Hill.
3 Excavated 1950s, windmill.
4 This feature was excavated by staff of Coventry Museum who concluded that it was a windmill mound.
6 1979: Situated on a ridge in a field of barley. One medium oak tree and five bushes, otherwise nettle covered. Several hollows and large burrows, ?foxes. 1982: Mound is now in cattle field and suffering from ‘cattle poaching’. Little grass cover visible. Height c0.7m.

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