Windmill Mound at Windmill Hill, Farnborough

Description of this historic site

A windmill mound on which a windmill would have stood. The windmill itself dated to the Medieval period and was marked on a map of 1675, but was no longer in use by 1840. It was located at Windmill Hill north of Farnborough. The windmill mound survives as an earthwork.

Notes about this historic site

1 A well-marked windmill mound with a trig point and a clump of trees. It is surrounded by a circular ditch, about 40m in diameter. This seems enormous to be the ditch for the tail of a post mill. The mill is marked on Ogilby’s map of 1675, but not on Beighton’s map of 1725. It had definitely disappeared by the time of the Tithe Awards in 1841.
2 The mill site is marked by a low mound and surrounded by a circular ditch. The area round Mill Hill has been extensively quarried.

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