Water Orton Bridge

A bridge over the River Tame at Water Orton | Warwickshire County Council
A bridge over the River Tame at Water Orton
Warwickshire County Council
Description of this historic site

Water Orton Bridge, the remains of a sandstone bridge of Medieval/Post Medieval date It is situated 250m north west of Water Orton Railway Station.

Notes about this historic site

1 In 1459 a bridge at Water Orton was ‘out of repair’ and Bishop Reynold Bowlers issued an indulgence to all who contributed to its repair.
2 Bishop Vesey built bridges here and at Curdworth around 1520 and the present bridge appears to be of about this date. Two carved stones, one a corbel supported by an angel, the other part of a draped image, taken from the bridge in recent times, are now in Curdworth Church.
4 It is recorded on Bishop Vesey’s tomb, in Sutton Coldfield church, that this bridge was built by him. It is built of rough ashlar and consists of six 5m round arches and five 2m piers with cutwaters on both faces. There have been later repairs, especially to the points of the E cutwaters.
6 The bridge has been renovated since 1953.
7 A bridge, built of sandstone, and with 5 segmented arches and 1 dry arch; there are triangular refuges on the piers. It is said to have been built by Bishop Vesey with stone brought from the manor house at Sutton Coldfield. It is certainly built of old masonry, as there are fragments of sculpture incorporated in the bridge. The bridge has been sympathetically repaired and has not been widened. The bridge is about 2m wide with a 0.46 cm parapet; the span is about 45m. The bridge is protected by curbstones and appears to be in good order.
8 cf West Midlands SMR No 1138. Bridge with solid parapets, over River Tame.

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