Warmington Medieval Settlement

Description of this historic site

The possible extent of the Medieval settlement at Warmington, as suggested by documentary evidence.

Notes about this historic site

1 The possible extent of the Medieval settlement, based on the first edition 6″ maps of 1886, 52NE and 52SE.
2 The ridge and furrow plotting of the parish.
3 Domesday has 2 entries for Warmington in Hunsbury Hundred. The Phillimore edition has a grid reference of 41,47.
Ref 16,6 (Land of the Count of Meulan) in Warmington 13 hides. Azor held it; he was a free man. Land for 14 ploughs. In lordship 4; 12 slaves; 36 villagers and 8 smallholders with 14 ploughs. Meadow 69 acres. Value before 1066 £10; now as much.
Ref 16,55 in Warmington 2 1/2 hides. A man-at-arms holds from him. Azor held it freely before 1066. Value £20. What the man-at-arms has there is enumerated with the stock of the men who are in the Count’s manor.
4The first edition maps show a large compact village which looks unplanned and organic. There are some empty areas. The church lies to the south, separated from the village by empty land. There is ridge and furrow survival to the north and east, which comes close or abuts the settlement, but not to the west or south. To the east of the church there is what looks like a boundary hedge. The church [WA609] dates from the C12th, WA610 is the site of a priory, and WA612 is the site of a deserted medieval settlement. Domesday indicates a valuable village.

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