Tuttle Hill Windmill, Nuneaton and Bedworth

Description of this historic site

Tuttle Hill Windmill, a tower mill which was built during the Imperial period. It is situated 300m north of Tuttle Hill Industrial Estate.

Notes about this historic site

1 ‘Tuttle Hill Mill’, formerly Caldecote. Tower mill. Preserved in fair condition. Red brick tower with batter cemented over, flat roof with weather vane; retains much machinery but used as store. Small, four storey. In yard of large house on hill at 139m. 1821: had four common sails and three pairs of stones. Rebuilt 1905 (after storm) with iron machinery and five sails. Ceased work after storm damage 1936.
2 Photograph.
3 Description as for 1 in Industrial Monuments Survey of 1980.
4 Condition as above.

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