The Obelisk, Farnborough Hall

Description of this historic site

The obelisk in the grouunds of Farnborough Hall. It was erected in 1751 and then rebuilt in 1823, as a focal point at the end of the terrace. It stands 700m south of the Hall.

Notes about this historic site

2 Obelisk. At the top of the terrace. Built in 1751, but since rebuilt.
3 An obelisk at the end of the Terrace Walk was rebuilt in 1823.
4 c1746; dated 1751 and ‘rebuilt 1823’. Possibly designed by Sanderson Miller for William Holbech. Limestone ashlar. Tall and very slender. High pedestal with moulded stepped base and cornice. Forms a focal point on the end of the Terrace Walk, probably by Miller, a major example of 18th century landscape design.
5 Marked the halfway point between Farnborough Hall and the now demolished Mollington Hall. Built in 1746, it collapsed in 1823 and was then rebuilt in its original form in 1828. During the Second World War, when Farnborough was an auxillary military hospital the names of Italian prisoners were cut on the pedestal, the only names on it.

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