Studley Priory

Description of this historic site

The site of Studley Priory which was founded in the Medieval period. A single large building, perhaps the refectory or Priors Hall, still stands. There have been finds of Medieval tiles and of burials. The site is 100m north east of Saxon Close.

Notes about this historic site

1 The remains of Studley Priory have been built up and form the gable of a modern farmhouse. They stand, with a large garden and farm buildings, in a moated enclosure (PRN 6164).
2 About the beginning of the reign of Henry II (1154-89) Peter Corbezon transferred to Studley a priory of Augustin Canons that he had founded at Wicton, Worcs. The rebuilt conventual church was consecrated in 1309. William de Cantilupe gave lands for the support of a hospital at the monastery gates (PRN 6165). At the Dissolution there were eight canons with the prior.
3 Priory Farm, now much modernised, embodies a few fragmentary portions of a conventual building (PRN 6166). The indicated site of a stone coffin, the lid of which is preserved in the parish church, suggests that the original chapel stood to the NE of the existing buildings. Nothing else is left beyond a few ditches.
4 Stone coffin found while digging foundations for a building behind the farmhouse. Found in association with other coffins, but this is the lid of the coffin of a prior. It seems possible that the farmhouse stands on the site of the nave of the priory church (PRN 6166) and that the slab would have been in the N transept.
6 Details of history. The 14th century window is located in original masonry. Although the farmhouse is largely brick-clad, a great deal more of the stonework of the original building is exposed within the roof (PRN 6166). Finds of Medieval decorated tiles suggest that many of the priory buildings lay E of the Priory Farm where earthworks survived until recent years. The site has now been levelled and the present irregularities bear no relationship to the earlier earthworks. A number of decorated tiles are now in Warwick Museum. Bones and skulls were also found 25 years ago.
7 Plan of the site.
8 History of the priory.
9 Plan.
10 History and description of the site.
12 Location plan for a skeleton found near the house.
13 Correspondence from the 1980s relating to the threat of development.
14 Drawing of fragment of niche canopy found in 1987.
15 List of photographs. Phtographs not attached.

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