Site of Windmill 200m NE of Avon Dassett Church

Description of this historic site

There is documentary evidence for a windmill in the parish from the 13th century. A Post Medieval windmill of the post mill type stood at this site, but was demolished in 1924. The location was 200m north east of the church.

Notes about this historic site

1 On the hill above the church is the site of a windmill, no doubt the successor of the one mentioned in 1284, when a man eating his lunch in its shade was struck by the sail and killed. In addition a ‘milleward’ is mentioned in 1439.
2 Post mill. Built probably 17th century at Cropredy, Oxon; moved to Avon Dassett 18th century. Open trestled, tailpole, 4 common sails and extension at mill tail. Ceased working 1903 and pulled down 1924.

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