Site of Stiper's Hill Castle, Polesworth

Description of this historic site

Possible site and associated earthworks of castle built soon after the Conquest.

Notes about this historic site

1 Site of Stiper’s Hill Castle, Polesworth.
Ben Morton states that there is some evidence that a castle was built soon after the Conquest by Richard Marmion. It is possible that the castle was still in existence in the fourteenth century as it is referred to by Camden, the castle being held by Alexander Frevil at that time. Dugdale also made reference to the castle and its location.
2 In the early 2000s the south end of the ‘site’, occupied by Stipers Hill Plantantion, had the appearance of a motte when viewed from the abbey (pers comm. From memory). B Morton examined the site from the road in 2011 and thought he could identify traces of a bailey and it has since been noted that Environment Agency lidar may show the faint remains of a roughly rectangular bailey to the north. Unfortunatley between 2000 and 2006 air photograph layers held by the HER show that the ‘off road’ race track, already in existence in 2000, had been extended over the ‘motte’ which was previosuly relatively undamaged. As far as is known no-one has ever walked over the site with a view to it being a castle. The 1817 drawings for the OS 2 inch to 1 mile map appear to show an earthwork here broadly similar to the marked area. This was only discovered after all other information and re-enforces the chances of this being a castle.

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