Site of Roman Road in Eathorpe Hall Park

Description of this historic site

A section of a Roman road, the Fosse Way, which was diverted between 1787 and 1831. The earthwork of a holloway marking the original course of the road is visible and a parallel row of oaks also marks the route. It is situated south of Eathorpe.

Notes about this historic site

1 At Eathorpe Hall the Fosse Way has been diverted to the W, but the old line is marked by two rows of oaks across the park and then beyond the house by an overgrown hollow which rejoins the present road in the village.
2 In 1787-9 the road ran straight through the parish.
3 In 1831 the present diversion existed.
4 The diversion around the W edge of Eathorpe Park must have taken place between 1787-9 and 1831.
5 Air photograph.

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