Site of Possible Round Barrow by Fosse Way NW of Ufton

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a Bronze Age round barrow, a mound surrounded by a ditch which usually concealed a burial. It was situated by the Fosse Way, north west of Ufton.

Notes about this historic site

1 ‘A …mound near Ufton, shows signs of sinking or of excavation’. It seems ‘like a large barrow’.
2 On the Fosse beneath Ufton Hill there are two mounds or barrows which have not yet been explored. One has a peculiar hollow on its summit and during the wet autumn of 1875 the top of the other gave way and sank some 1.2m. Information from Burgess.
3 Some of the information in reference 2 comes from reference 1, although it would appear that Chatwin had access to additional information.
4 Dating narrowed to the Bronze Age.
5 Mapping altered so it

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