Site of Possible Early Medieval Settlement to W of Church on Bridge Street

Description of this historic site

Documentary evidence states that the kings of Mercia used to visit their royal estate at Wellesbourne in the Early Medieval period. Finds of pottery from this period have been made which suggest the site of a settlement, Church Street Wellesbourne.

Notes about this historic site

1 Visits by the kings of Mercia to the royal estate at Wellesbourne are recorded on a number of occasions in the 9th century. Wellesbourne was a major royal estate in the Warwickshire section of the Anglo Saxon kingdom of the Hwicce. It is likely that a notable building or palace existed upon the estate at this time. Finds of Anglo Saxon pottery from a meander of the River Dene (PRN 1143) appear to have been dislodged by bridge-building operations in Wellesbourne and to have come from an Anglo Saxon occupation site nearby. Dog Close, adjacent to the bridge at Wellesbourne, is perhaps the most likely site for the palace.
2 Negative archaeological observation at Church St. (2780 5540).

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