Site of Brandon Mill

Description of this historic site

Site of a water mill producing paper in the 18th century and converted to silk spinning in 1820s. Out of repair by 1900. Foundations and earthworks still visible in early 1980s.

Notes about this historic site

1 The mill is marked as a paper mill on Henry Beighton’s map of 1725. In 1741 it was insured by Thomas Ashby and continued to produce paper until George Herbert converted it to silk spinning in the 1820s. In 1849 Stephen Wilson sold it to Sarah Herbert. By 1900 it is described as ‘a large silk mill out of repair’. Only the foundations of the building remain. The site of the waterwheel is still visible, although partly filled with rubbish. The leat and the tail race are still visible.

2 JH suggests that Booth’s site for Brandon silk mill is incorrect and that the mill was actually at the above grid reference. A site visit showed the foundations of the building and the long leat which fed the wheel and the tail race were still visible at the above location.

3 Mill marked.

4 The location given by Booth is certainly correct (see PRN 5024). It seems possible that a second watermill existed at this location, although a field examination is necessary.

5 Same as 5024. There aren’t two mills.

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