Site of Boundary Stone 800m E of Southam Fields Fm

Description of this historic site

The site of a boundary marker which is mentioned in an Early Medieval charter. The stone had disappeared from the site by 1894 and the field in which it stood was quarried away in the early 20th century. It stood 1km north of Southam.

Notes about this historic site

1 Boundary stone recorded in 998 as ‘Maerstanae’. References to this stone occurs in a number of later documents. It was at the junction of the parishes of Southam, Long Itchington and Stockton. The name continues in documents up to 1794, but the Rev W L Smith recorded in 1894 that the stone had long gone. This stone forms a pair with that at Ladbroke (PRN 934) and they may have marked high points on a ridge way rather than being parish boundary markers. The field in which the Southam stone stood was quarried away in the early 20th century. On Stockton Green there is a fragment of pink granite erratic. This is said to have come from Stockton Hill, adjacent to the Whorestone site, and may represent a relic of the stone.

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