Sheep Wash near Kenilworth Castle

Description of this historic site

A Sheep Wash of unknown date lies within the banks of Finham Brook immediately above the confluence with Inchford Brook at Kenilworth.

Notes about this historic site

1 The remains of two substantial brick walls lying parallel with the strem. Whilst most of the North Eastern wallis lost leaving only a few courses still standing a pillar of brick stands at the downstream end. Immediately upstream of this pillar is a recess for a gate or sluice which is matched by another on the opposite wall. That wall is more complete but ends at the recess for the gate. Something has to be missing for there is nothing to hold a gate in place on the downstream end. This missing piece is probably a pillar of brick identical to that on the other side.
On the stream bed, a little downstream of the recesses, can be seen a lintel. This may be stone and seems to have slumper downstream. Photograph and sketch of sheep wash.

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