Rowington (or Shrewley) Tunnel

Description of this historic site

A canal tunnel known as Rowington or Shrewley Tunnel. It was built during the Imperial period and is situated on the Grand Union Canal at Shrewley Common.

Notes about this historic site

1 This 433 yard long horsepath tunnel (called either Rowington or Shrewley Tunnel) takes the Grand Canal through a steep bluff south of Shrewley. For much of its length a conventional horsepath leads the towpath over the ridge but at its western end the difference in height is so great that a separate tunnel to accommodate the towpath was required. Some of the paving and western portal of this tunnel seem to be original.
2 “Horses and pedestrians took the small tunnel which rises from the NW west portal to the road, then the horse path which leads from the road to the SE portal of the tunnel.”
3 The tunnel has some of the orginal cobbled, ridged floor but also has some new concrete steps. It is in good condition. The main tunnel has redbrick portals at the E and W ends.

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