Romano British Coin Hoard at Wishaw Hall Farm

Description of this historic site

Find spot - a hoard of coins which were Roman in date was found 100m north west of Noel Cottages.

Notes about this historic site

1 It has been reported by South Staffordshire Archaeological and Historical Society that metal detector users have recovered the remains of a Romano British hoard from this location.
2 A hoard of 197 Antoniniani, Gallienus to Tetricus, recovered by metal detector. Also found in the vicinity; tiles, several brooches, 2nd century to 4th century pottery and traces of bronze working.
3 The hoard was discovered in the base of a pot and around it, during July 1988 using a metal detector and by excavation of the immediate area. It consisted of 156 radiates closing in the reign of the Tetrici.

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