RAF Bramcote

Description of this historic site

RAF Bramcote, an airfield dating to the Second World War. The runways were subsequently taken up. The airfield was situated 1km west of Wolvey.

Notes about this historic site

1 An airfield opened in June 1940 and intended as a dispersal site for bombers. Was principally used for the training of Polish air crews, but was later used by the Royal Navy. Used by the army since 1959. The runways have been taken up and few traces remain of the former airfield.
2 Runway still visible in aerial photograph of 1966.
3 Further information on the wartime use of this site, as an RAF Airfield, and its subsequent post-war use by the Royal Navy as RNAS Bramcote (HMS Gamecock) between August 1947 and October 1957. The site was transferred, in 1959, to the British Army as Gamecock Barracks. The Barracks were home to the Junior Leaders’ Regiment Royal Artillery, between the 1960s and the 1990s. This was an Army training establishment for the future NCOs of the Royal Artillery.
4 The airfield was built in 1939 by John Laing & Song Limited. Three steel matting runways were constructed, one at 1600 yards and two at 1400 yards. The decoy site for the airfield was at Wibtoft (MWA9672). It was home to Operational Training Unit No 18, intended to train Polish Air Force Aircrews. Detailed information.

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