Possible Medieval Mill Dam 600m SW of Fernhill Farm

Description of this historic site

The possible site of a mill dam dating to the Medieval period. It is visible as an earthwork. It is located 300m west of Rouncil Lane.

Notes about this historic site

1 A probable mill dam was found at the above grid reference.
2 Bank up to 2.1m high on NE side and 2.4m on SW side.
3 A large earthwork straddling the stream, except for a wide breach through which the water runs. It is about 100m long in all, tailing off at each end, and up to 2m high in the centre and 3-4m wide at the base with a narrower flattish top. The ground level behind it to the SW is lower than the surrounding area. No obvious signs of a mill were noticed, although there is a faint earthwork NE of the dam which might represent the position of a mill connected with the dam.
4 Slight earthworks visible on https://local.live.com.

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